hi i never really understand some situations in icm trainer

    • marcelhermus
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      for instance a 95 off in the SB.

      i pressed push cause i guessed it was an any two push.

      the result said it was a 72,9%push
      wich includes 96 off but 95 not.

      i kind a think this is bullshit.

      if you`re gona push this wide wy not push wider. cause most of the time you`re being called much more tighter.

      so i think after a certain percentage of pushes any2 is better then folding some hands.

      but please explain me what i`m missing.
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    • nworb200
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      Maybe ICM calculates Ax, 22+ and maybe Kx in the BB calling range in which case 96 is marginally stronger than 95.
    • timukasr
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      I guess somewhere has to be a border and in this situation it's 95o which isn't pushable anymore.
    • JonathanLittle
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      While ICM is very helpful, I suggest you dont get too caught up on the technical stuff. First off, you never actually know your opponents range, which means you have to estimate a lot. Secondly, usually picking up the blinds will help you more in the long run than ICM states, as stealing that blind may help you steal more blinds in the future.