PSVIP & PS150 codes

    • jessthehuman
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      I've only completed quiz and signed up with FTP earlier today. I have also emailed security@ps today with my ID.

      Thought I'd check out the forums in the mean time and when I read the FTP FAQ and other misc articles, there is many references to "PSVIP" bonus code, however I used "PS150" as I was instructed too..

      Can someone please verify how this will affect me ??

      Thank you
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    • thunderbird56
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      Hi jessthehuman,

      As of the moment we have two bonus codes:

      - PSVIP for those who would like to deposit.

      - PS150 for those who would like to get the starting bankroll.

      So in your case, you just used the correct one. ;)

    • Tim64
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      On a related note, I signed up to FTP with PSVIP as I am planning to transfer my BR there from another site in order to take advantage of the 100% 1st dep bonus.

      I signed up about 6 weeks ago but haven't got around to depositing yet. Do you know if there are any time limits applicable in order to use the bonus and still have a PS tracked account?

      I think SoyCD might have said need to deposit within 2 months. Is there anyway to verify this?