Hi everyone,

I've downloaded a trial version of Hold'em Manager to test it before purchasing and I got a problem. I've read the help section and FAQ but either I'm too stupid or can't understand what I read... Either way, I want to configure the hand importing options. I thought it was easy, but soon I realised that the application is scanning through my hand histories over and over again processing the same files all the time. I've found out that I should create an archive folder, where the processed files will be moved after HEM is done with importing hands from them so it won't be scanning them each time.

So as stated in the FAQ I go to Options > Configure Auto Import Folders. I see a window in which I can add and remove folders. So I click "Add", point at my PartyPoker hand histories folder, I tick the checkbox to import from the subfolders, then I indicate where the archive folder should be and click ok. It is said in the FAQ that there should be another checkbox which actually makes HEM move the processed files into the specified folder, but somehow I can't find it anywhere... Could that be due to the fact that I only have a trial version? Or am I just blind?

All the help appreciated.