Hello everybody!

    • Shadow01011979
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      Hi, my name is Florin, I am from Romania and I have just reached the 500 Strategy Points limit!
      I wanna say Hello! to all Romanian (and not only.... :) ) players who started their poker career here at PS!

      good luck and see ya at the tables!
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    • vhallee
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      Hello Shadow01011979, and welcome to our forums (or should I say "Salutare si bine ai venit"? :) )

      First of all, congratulations on reaching the 500 StrategyPoint milestone and hope to see you posting more often in our forums - remember to ask questions, post sample hands or just chat whenever you want with our fellow poker players.

      And since you are from Romania, check this thread if you want to meet more Romanians on PokerStrategy.com. Also, maybe you would like to join our group and become the member #50 :)
      - PokerStrategy Romania

      Best regards,