Short Handed Tournaments Advice

    • kingdippy2008
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      Hey, i was just looking for advice on playing SH tournaments. How should i loosen my PF ranges up? I am a SH cash game player, and an ok Tournament player. I qualified for SCOOP event 1 low (r + a) so wanna get any tips before i play it :D

      Thanks very much
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    • alejandrosh
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      you can loosen up a bit in this tourneys preflop, the structure of that tourney actually allows a M>20 by just folding and taking the addon so there will be a ton of deepstack play after the rebuy period is over.

      Stealing and restealing should be done more often in a SH tourney, since is a very low rebuy tourney probably there are people shipping their stack preflop every hand, actually if you get a couple of great cards can go to the add on with a M>50 which should be great :) I hope people are as bad as the $3.3 rebuy
    • grummeler
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      the best you can do then is to cut the UTG positiopns out of your head ;)
      its six handed so open raise the same hands you would open raise from MP and so on :)

      same is true for resteals or reraises, a raise from UTG doesnt mean you cannot reraise with AQ ;)

      but dont be too lose, because many players will be very lose.
      try to keep yourself out of trouble with hands like KJ AJ and so on