lost allready 15$

    • JJsuitedVich
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      i lost 15 dollars all ready from my starting 50$
      i dojnt know what to do
      i get a flush and ther other gut gets a FULL HUOSE
      i got a straight and the other guy got a FLUSh
      its freaking me ooutt!!
      even when i have the best hand i get only half of the pot..
      i cant take it eny more can eny one give me a tip???
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    • STR82ACE
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      I was down to barely over $30 in the first two weeks. Its now back up to over $100 in less than a month.

      What I did was move down in limits to the absolute lowest (on Titan, that was .01/.02 NL). It was a grind, no doubt, but I'm now playing .02/.04 and experimenting with .05/.1 as well.

      I recommend you drop in limits, LIVE THE STARTING HAND CHART!! Seriously, get to know it backwards, forewards, sideways, and in your sleep. It will be a slow grind up, but it should go up fairly quickly.

      Still, you will be sucked out on many many many times, especially at these levels. But eventually, you will see your bankroll rebuild if you plan by the rules and SHC.

      oh, btw...if you haven't downloaded elephant yet, I urge you to do it. You get to review your plays and find where you make mistakes easier.

      Good luck.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello JJsuitedVich,

      Just be sure follow bankroll management and to play solid and good poker. If you are playing with a good bankroll management and don't play too high - losing with a flush vs. a full house or with a straight versus a flush will only cost you small parts of your bankroll - which you can recover later.

      The real problem is when you are playing at levels where single hands actually have a strong influence on your bankroll.

      What format and limits are you playing?

      Best regards
    • JJsuitedVich
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      thank you for suporting me and
      i play 1\2 cent blinds
      and 2\5 cent some times..
    • KristvinG
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      2 words...BANK MANIGEMENT !!! (pardon spelling :) )
      Just follow it and also the chart of when to bet where and how.
      i got my 50$ 2 days ago and i up to 60 already..
      So just play safe...if it feels wrong it mostly is.
      Just start playing at lowest table and work your way up SLOWLY !!
      You will gain more experiance and will become better in time.
      This is a sport and it takes time to become good ;)