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      Hi Guys

      Found this site in the last couple of days, has been a big wake up cal for myself, on just how badly I was playing, well not badly, but maybe not the best, rookie mistakes I am sure(shooting for draws was probably one of the biggest in my tournament play).

      My motivation was that I came 2nd in a tournament work organised(384 players) and have won myself a £1000 buy in to the tournament of my choice in Europe(it was said an EPT event, but later told to me that I could go anywhere with that buyin), with expenses paid as well. Great ending, but with a sour taste as well, I had my opponent dominated in a hand and got sucked out on the river, in what would have been the winning hand for me, and scooped me an all expense paid trip and seat in WSOP main event in Vegas :( Anyway it was mostly through luck i think that I got that far, so I have gone on a mission to get to a level where I can actually have a go at competing in the event I visit, and not make a fool of myself :) After playing some online games, I quickly summised that my play wasnt good enough and so that in turn led me to this site(from google).

      I have got through the quiz on my 2nd attempt, and once I decide where to go to, will start working my way through the Bronze section, and if I can get enough play in hopefully the silver level. Really motivated to learn how to play well, dreaming of taking down the tournament I go to play in(A pipe dream I know, but gives me that extra push to really study). My wife just gave birth to my 2nd Child, so outside of the tournament, looking for ways to supplement my regular income.

      I am a bookmaker so I like betting on sports a bit, but rarely find the time to get into it properly(it should be at least a part time job if you are serious), and feel poker is one of those things where I can squeeze in a hour or twos playing each day, without having a strict timetable to follow, and also gives me a break from the sports seeing as tha is my profession as well :)

      My plan is to get my knowledge down over the next 3 months or so, whilst playing online to get the real world experience of using the techniques learnt, then make a move onto some live games in the local casino, to get the feel for playing "offline", mainly for ettiquette, and also to see how the styles of peoples play can change from online to live(if at all they do).

      Ok enough ramblin for now, good to be here, and looking forward to soaking up some of that knowledge, as they say "Be a Sponge".

      Cheers guys!
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