Would you play $3 SNGs on your iPhone?

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    • Would you play $3 SNGs on your iPhone?

      • 56
        Yes, I would!
      • 53
        Yes, I would - but I don't have a smartphone.
      • 30
        No, I wouldn't - because I would miss multitabling too much / find it too boring.
      • 19
        Yes, I would - and I would even buy my first smartphone for it.
      • 14
        Yes, I would - but I'd only play higher limits.
      • 10
        No, I wouldn't - other reason.
      • 4
        No, I wouldn't - because I can't imagine to play with a smartphone interface.
      Total: 186 Votes
    • Xantos
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      A simple question:
      Would you play $3-SNGs on your iPhone, e.g. while you're on your way to work, in a boring lecture or as an enrichment of your lunch?

      Ideally, it would be connected to a normal poker room so you could use your account - and fishes could just deposit while playing through their telephone bill.

      The interface should be perfect do display one table - and luckily the controls would be pretty simple.

      Added question: could you imagine that it would bring new people to poker because the entry barrier would be lower and it would be a great pastime e.g. for commuters?
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