Best way to donk off $50 on Mansion

    • nafar84
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      I've just gotten a $50 BR (+$100 bonus) on Mansion through another website... but due to my commitment to PS & FullTilt I simply haven't got the time nor will to grind it up and earn 6,000 Mansion points to clear it using microstakes. So I want a "live fast, die young" sort of thing where I either get lucky and win a massive BR out of it or simply go broke.

      A few options I'm pondering:

      - One big MTT
      - Have a shot at NL50 and if I double up I keep playing NL50 until I have 5 buy-ins or so for NL100 and so on.
      - $10 DoN's all the way, moving up at 5 BI for the next level
      - $10 regular SNG's, same as above

      What would you do? :)
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