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      Let me start by introducing myself...Im a hot chick who needs help. I play as Stander_ZA on Party Poker and i live in South Africa. Ive been playing poker for about 3 years now. Ive played on a number of sites. Collecting bonuses and building bankrolls. I spend alot of my poker time playing live but there is no beating the number of hands one can play online. So i often find myself falling back into the online grind! So i found pokerstrategy through another forum i post on and i took them up on their generous offer of $50 free deposited into the site of my choice and so a star was born!

      Ive done abit of blogging in my time but nothing really long term. But im going to make a big effort here so id appreciate support and constructive critisism!

      K so i received the $50 into my PP account about 2 weeks ago and after a few evening sessions im up to $109 playing NL5. My first short term goal is to get this up to $250, giving me 25 buy in's for NL10. I havent set myself any moving up requirements in terms of number of hands. Does anyone recommend i do so? I havent set up my HEM for PP yet so i need to make that a priority. Then i can put up some stats and get my life in order!

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