Multilanguage site interface?

    • MiddleofNowhere
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      Hey there.

      I wanted to ask you if it is possible to see erm... Both languages?
      I mean, well, I am Russian, but I have English fluent enough to use the English section... And somehow the news are a little different, the videos are obviously different, the articles etc etc etc

      Is it possible for me to see both English and Russian videos, articles etc without tinkering the site language?

      And if it is not, I would really appreciate that... Would be a lot more comfortable and i think other multilanguage users would like such thing too..
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello MiddleofNowhere,

      Due to a lot of news appearing in both languages - and the articles being simply translated from language to language - having both displayed could turn out to be quite confusing and would require a quite complex IT solution.

      I also switch between the different language sites a lot and actually find the solution of simply needing to use the pull-down tab at the top of the page, to change the language, quite easy and intuitive. This way you can quickly check the offerings in all different languages for the various sections.

      You can also switch the url from http://www.pokerstrategy.... to ru.pokerstrategy... at anytime to see the same news or article in Russian.

      Best regards