[NL2-NL10] AKo MP2 vs nitty 3better

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    • Jaissica
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      Nothing wrong with fold or call. For a 15-5 you could reasonably put his 3bet range as QQ+ AK though so folding is fine (61% vs 39% equity, $1.20 into a $2.30 pot means you have call equity vs that range but folding is a low-varience safe move as a 3 bet pot is likely to turn into a for-stacks pot if you hit, while you are forced to fold to their cbet if you miss).

      I wouldnt want to re-raise someone who nearly never 3bets with AKo though. You commit to playing for stacks on a 39% equity line then.
    • veriz
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      Vs nitty 3better, what is the stat? In such situations I would not shove because best what we will get in such situation is a coinflip but we rather avoid such moments (his PFR is a way too small and I guess so is his 3bet, maybe 1?, that means usually KK+). So call? By calling it would be pretty marginal situation if we hit our K, how do we continue? It will be hard to continue because we could put him on AA and mostly we would lose money in such moments. Also we are OOP, I might considered calling when we were IP but OOP so I prefer to fold. Nice hand, well played.

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