FR-NL25 --> FR-NL50 on FT any big changes?

    • PidKoker
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      I am about to start moving up to the next limit as I have beat Nl25... I am just wondering if there are any experinced players who have played this lmit recently and can inform me of any big changes... or is it basically the same game but I assume with soem more knowledgeable players... (are these players thinking type players in general OR the same breed of ship the money in because their cards match the board)

      I would assume a mix of the both... I was once told that NL50 on FT seems to tighten up alot but when you reach NL100 it gets more Loose and more aggresive?
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    • slikec
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      I played NL25 and NL50 SSS at FTP 3 months and i can say was easier to earn money at NL25 had nicer winrate. But my total sample size was like 50k hands NL25 and 30k hands NL50 so i can not say much.