How big variance in BSS?

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      How big can I expect the variance to be in BSS, FR? I have some idea with SNGs and MTTs, but since my samplesize is low on BSS, I really don't know what to expect at BSS full ring. I started playing BSS at the end of february, and had mostly been playing MTTs, SNGs and a little SSS before that. I mostly ended up breakeven/building REALLY slowly here, but when it comes to BSS, I must say I'm very pleased with my sucsess so far :)

      Here's my graph:

      First 5,5k hands is NL5, rest is NL10..
      Winrate on NL5 was 18bb/100 hands when I moved up to NL10, and my winrate on NL10 is just 11bb/100, mostly because of the mini-downswing at 7,5k - 13k (hand nr. on graph). I havn't been running hot either, except at the very end of the graph. I feel like im crushing both of these levels pretty well.

      By the way, I only have the trial Elephant atm (need 100 more PS-points), so I don't have my stats. When the trial ran out, I think I was something like this:
      Vpip: 13-15
      PFR: 8-10
      AF: 1.8-2
      W$@SD: 60
      WTS: 25 (not sure about this)
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