hey fellow poker players..im buzzing today because i entered a freeroll and came 24th out of 2000 entrants on party poker. i was in the money and i got a free entry in to a 2.5k tourny,so wish me luck 4 that 1!! basically, i think my game's improve-ing..i have'nt played a lot for the past few days because iv been working hard through out the day..but every chance i get im reading an studying poker..my BR went down frm $50 down to $30 , but im back up again now..but i broke the BR rules an played $3 sit'n'go's because i felt like i played a better game..but dnt worry im bk in the $1..i just like to mix it up sometimes..im now 30 points from becoming a silver member,so carnt wait to get there so i can read new articles..anyway im blabbering on now an its late over here in the U.K..so im gonna get some kip..night night every1.