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      I'm new here and I found this site few days ago reading some poker forums and other web sites. I started reading articles on this site and I am impressed with the SSS strategy and SNG strategy and I like it very much. I've read Terms&Conditions and how your Business model works and I decided to take the quiz and get my 50$ starting capital.

      I've passed the quiz even though I must say that it isn't easy but I've read the articles a couple of times and I passed the quiz :D I've selected Full Tilt Poker as my platform cause I've played there couple of times with play money and it's cool. I've already sent my scanned ID to your security cause they've asked me to and now I am eagerly waiting to receive my starting capital. That was hours ago and I haven't received any conformation yet, so I'm just wondering how are thing going with my case. Thanks!

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    • luitzen
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      I had to wait one day. In my e-mail it was mentioned that I had to wait for 2-7 days, so it went quicker. I signed up for PartyPoker, ftr.
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      Hello KingOfTheBongo and welcome to PokerStrategy,

      The ID check usually takes around 48 hours, followed by another 48 hours for transferring the starting capital. I'm afraid it might come to problems with a transfer to Full Tilt poker though, if you already have an account there (since you said you played there with play money). You can only create accounts on sites where you don't already have an account. I would advise you to choose a different platform and to inform our support that you would like to receive the starting capital there instead;

      Best regards