Question about BB defense in HU game

    • danielasso
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      I would to know how much equity we need from BB to defende my hand ?
      (SB = Button)

      Of course I know I can defende a lot, but there are some weak passive players that they limp a lot and only raise 15%-20%. So against these players I have to fold hands like J6o for example

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    • ciRith
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      Hi danielasso,

      I think it's the same as you need in a SH game. So you need 35% equity at a 1/2 structure.
      That means that you fold your weaker hands against tight people.
      Here the article about it:

      That doesn't mean that you alwayss need 35%. If they fold to much postflop you can call more and try bluffing them but don't be too loose. :)
    • OlivierLu
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      You have to adapt a lot !
      Some player will always fold to a 2nd barrel, then play a maniac style. Some others will calldown any2, then value bet and select a bit more preflop.

      Also be carful on who is on the button. Sometime its the SB, sometime it's the BB. Adjust your preflop play with the position you'll have post-flop.