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Erm.. maybe a little late

    • Phildini
      Joined: 28.01.2007 Posts: 129
      Hi all,

      Joined pokerstrategy 2-3yrs ago. got the $50 and cashed out a couple of hundred pounds and been hooked ever since.

      I think overall I'm up as I've had some good finishes in multitable tournaments got 2nd after a tragic A-4 all in push as I was overawed with the situation netting me $1200 instead of 1400 lol.

      I played mainly STT last year and kinda broke even on them. I lost on cash tables and my weakness for roulette, ending in a loss of about £350 (my tournament wins were a couple of years ago). I didnt have much time last year as I did a lot of studyin on top of work and me boxing.

      This year I'm gonna give it a real go as I live near Dusk Til Dawn and I want to be able to cash out some funds and play in a real life tournament.

      I've got poker elephant (no clue how it works but it looks pretty). I'm currently playing 0.01c/0.02c cash tables and also the $3 KO tournaments with 90 ppl. Placed 15th and 19th in the 2 KO tourneys I've played one was bad luck the other tragic play.

      Erm.. thats about it from me, thought I'd start using the forums and what better way than saying hello :-D
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    • SniffvsSnaf
      Joined: 23.03.2008 Posts: 3,044
      Hey Phildini and all the others....

      Yeah i got lost on MTTTTTTTTTTTTs tooo... Its so great when your heart starts pumping on every final table hand... Had lots of em back then... So i dunno - did i lost something or did the competitors get better??? I think the latter is the matter....
      I really got over the point after some MTT Final tables i think it was 4 in a row or something...
      I started to play MTT for 7 bucks and stuff like that - far over my Bankrollmanagment and player capabilitys...
      Finally i cashed out with 359 Euro and bought myself a videocam to do business...
      But i cant help myself im such a gamecompetitors person...
      so im back - learning... Building unfortunatly my BR from scratch again - and try to give it a go as.... a pro :-D


      by the way...
    • Phildini
      Joined: 28.01.2007 Posts: 129
      I think the standards have got better for STTs I used to romp them or maybe I've lost my magic.

      I play the same strategy for MTTs every time sit tight, then first big hand double up and play normal poker from there on in. I know its not the right way to play but it seems to work well for me. I used to play STTs until I had $50 then play a $10 MTT lol, so much for bankroll management.

      Its good to hear someone in the same boat as me. I need to watch the strategy videos on here but I find it hard as I've read maybe 4-5 poker books and think I know everything haha.

      I'm rubbish @ cash play and this is what I'm trying to do now, although I can't help slipping into the odd MTT. I deposited £20 and am about break even on the 0.01c/0.02c tables at the moment which I'm enjoyin.

      Full Tilt are doin some good points win cash promotions at the moment.
    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hey and welcome to the forums ;)

      The forums are pretty much the place where you can do the most towards improving your game. So its good that you already have the Elephant downloaded - now you just need to start posting hands in the hand evaluation boards!

      This way you can actively discuss different ways to play hands and critically assess the way you play.

      Hope to see you around.

      Best regards,