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    • malook
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      Hi Guys

      FIrst I will explain my situation. I won a prize in a big tourney at work(2nd out of 360+players), a £1000 Buy-in to an event of my choice in Europe.(1st prize was paid trip to WSOP main event in Vegas, got sucked out on the river to win it, and never recovered after that point, absolutely gutted at missing that one).

      Thing is up untill now I have rarely played, and my initial play online was a joke :) a Bad one LOL. That led me to finding this great site.

      Thing is, I really want to go into the tournament with as much knowledge as I can, so I have an outside shot of doing something, and at the very least not look like an idiot while I am there :)

      I have gone down the SnG route when coming into the site, as that is what I need to pick up first(will be going through the FL and NL strategy as well in good time, but my priority short term is Turney play)

      I would love to hear some input from people on the best way for me to get to where I need to be. I am giving myself at least 6 months to really educate myself, and to test myself out in some local live games at the casino, but badly need a little guidance(anyone wishing to mentor someone would have a dedicated student on their hands...wink wink)

      I have a full time job, and a family so for actual playing I can say I can get a good hour or 2 each day online, and weekly visits to the casino for a live game. For study, I can invest a little more time for some reading watching videos etc etc

      A little background on me. I am a bookmaker by profession, making odds for sports events(actually making prices, and not blindly copying), so I have a very good understanding of odds, value etc etc I have little or no understanding of how poiker works in these areas, purely from never having ventured into this area properly. Of course I know how to play, know the hands and all that stuff, but no real understanding of strategy, although that is changing day by day as I absorb more from this fantastic website. Taking this all into consideration I feel I have a real good chance to take the poker ball and run with it :) I see it also as a potential source of income for the future, but like I say my first goal is the Tournament project :)

      Anyone got any ideas for me.

      Thanks in advance
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    • mishuq
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      if you have enough time until that live tourney, you should first read and learn the articles in the sng section and also practice (the starting capital should do just fine). this not only will help you understand the general atmosphere of a tournament and the way you/most people play it, but also will give you a bit of experience as well as strategy points you need for unlocking more advanced and detailed articles from the sng/mtt section:

      I think you could also find some important stuff and get more answers here:

      cheers and good luck!
    • SoyCD
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      Hello malook,

      Congratulations on your tournament win and welcome to PokerStrategy :)

      I would recommend you get yourself well acquainted with SNG, MTT and NL literature in order to be prepare yourself for your tournament. With a good grasp of SNGs and No Limit Big stack play you will be set to go.

      You can find most of the important stuff in the Strategy Section;

      By playing and moving up in rank you will get more and more access to different articles. In the meantime also watch videos in order to perfect your online play - if you do well online it will give you the needed confidence at the tables - since online play is all about solid fundamentals ;)

      Hope to see you around the forums,