SB chipleader. Do you play accrding to ICM?

    • mChavez
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      Hi all!
      I'm quite new here, so sorry for a stupid question.
      I've been practicing my ICM skills and it turns out that I only make about 70% correct icm decisions when being a chipleader. One thing which confuses me is that the ICM trainer suggests that SB should push ANY HAND (100% range) if there is no action behind.
      For example, in a game where

      Blinds = 200/400;
      BU: 3000
      Hero: 10000
      BB: 4000

      BU folds
      Hero' hand: 74o

      ICM trainer suggests to push. However, it seems to me that if you always push from SB in such cases you are very likley to get called by BB with a superior hand and let him double up!

      How do you play in such situation?

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    • Ejeckt
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      Well, as long as his calling range isn't greater than above about 28.5% this is a profitable push according to ICM. If you think that because of your table image the small blind will call you with more than 28.5% of hands (Any Ace, K8o+, K4s+, Q9s+, JTs, or any PP) don't push. If he does call you with a superior hand... unlucky... but you still, on average, have a 1 in 3 chance of winning (unless he's holding a high PP, or has you dominated with something like 77, A7-87, etc...)

      PokerStove puts you 34:66 to win against AKs with your 74o hand, so even if he has a superior hand, you'll still win enough of the time to make this an ok push. These sorts of plays can increase your variance, though.

      In situations like these you just have to constantly adjust to your opponents calling and pushing ranges.

    • p0kerQT
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      Personally I fold 74o (I'd push 76s), but the advantage of pushing any 2 here is that 1) they are calling pretty tight, they would rather come 2nd than 3rd. 2) U can build ur stack by stealing the blinds, when they eventually call doubling them up doesn't harm ur stack, n u can still get lucky if they have you crushed.