Luck and stats

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    • ciRith
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      Hi Cakara,

      I know what you mean but there nothing to do but just to accept that it's part of the game. :/
    • opal99
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      I'm 340 bb down in last 13,000 hands (170bb 5/10 & 170bb 3/6) and had -$1500 double-session (1800 hands) at 5/10 (2x2 hours with short brake) today. If it's not variance, I just suck.. so it has to be variance ;)

      -1.29 BB/100 at 5/10 after 14000 hands (lifetime) and was b/e few days ago :rolleyes:
    • Waiboy
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      Originally posted by opal99
      If it's not variance, I just suck.. so it has to be variance ;)
      [Waiboy clamps hand over mouth to avoid saying something potentially offensive] :P

      One day, if I study hard, with dedication and drive, I too hope to be able to have such horrible swings at $3/$6 rather than at *coughs* $.50/$1...

      I'm on a 250BB drop at $1/$2 and haven't yet recovered enough to get back to playing that level... however I'm prepared to accept that I suck... ;)

      Sincerely, all the best and good luck dude!
    • saywhat
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      Know your pain, i think i just turned the corner on my downswing. Was on a 175-250bb downswing on 1/2 FL. Hurt the pocket a bit. Moved down to .5/1 and have had back to back solid days.
      Nice to play with confidence again. Almost back into the positive BB/100 again.
    • Cakara
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      I switched back to 2/4 yesterday still no real improvements ... we'll see...
      Here's my last few days (1-6 april is 3/6)

      After hot end of March something had to cool me down
    • ciRith
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      Wow that looks cruel.

      You play a lot hands I think. Have you checked if you lose the most in the end of a session? Maybe you are tired without noticing so you start making a few mistakes? (Just look at your day graphs to check that out.) :)