Is there anything wrong with my stats?

    • Dyden
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      Hey guys,

      I hope it's okay asking this question, in this forum.
      Currently playing on Partypoker, and getting my ass handed to me, sort to speak. It's really gnawing on me wether I'm making the right decisions or not.

      Can you guys take a look at my stats and tell me if you see any huge warning signs?

      It's full ring, these stats are mixed between 0.05/0.1 and 0.1/0.2.

      Hands: 10478
      Hands Won: 8.63%
      BB/100: -1.37
      VP$IP: 13.31
      PFR: 9.90
      W$WSF: 38.36
      WTSD: 35.19
      W$SD: 51.31
      AF: 1.85
      AFq: 50.07
      3Bet: 5.27
      Fold 3Bet: 52.87
      Att Steal: 32.02
      Fold BB to steal: 72.13
      Fold SB to steal: 84.09

      When compared to the stats at Titan, the biggest difference seems to be in VP$IP/PFR, which are both a little bit lower. Most of the playing on Titan was done with the basic SHC though, and the play on party was with the bronze SHC.
      W$SD was also higher on Titan, with 57.96%, AF/AFq were both lower.

      Can all this be explained by random variance, or the difference between the SHC's?

      Thanks for reading!

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    • Waiboy
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      Hi Tom

      I'm the last person to be commenting on stats :rolleyes: , but here is my mostly worthless 2 cents. (Don't worry, folks who actually know what they're talking about will comment after). :P

      VPIP/PFR looks low.. should be around 15/12 from memory. Make sure you stick to the charts!

      Fold BB to steal is waaaaaay too high this needs to be closer to 55%. Make sure you use the BB defence charts properly as currently you're folding too many hands! I know I found it daunting playing some of these hands, but you have to remember you only need (something like) 35% equity to play from the BB v a pre flop raise so you have to play a pretty wide range of hands.

      AF should be over 2 so perhaps you are playing a little too passively.. make sure you've read (and understood!) the standard playing styles v one opponent article .

      Hope this is of some assistance!
    • WildBeans
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      To add a +1 to Waiboy's post:
      I think it's mainly your AF. Under 2 is very low, which means you're either allowing people to see cards cheaply or not getting enough value out of hands.. It may be that you're not betting enough when you have a hand, and not continuation betting enough. - when I say enough, I mean in terms of frequency as well as size of your bet. So I also think you should review the betting size articles..
    • redskwerl
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      Under 1.8 AF is indeed very low if you're only playing 13% of your hands.

      But rather than changing that, i'd first open up a bit more preflop, most importantly defend your blinds (BB) more, and steal more.
    • ciRith
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      Hi Dyden,

      the most is already said above.

      I can't find any huge leaks here so it's best to post hands in our forum to try finding some leaks. :)