best 50/65% of hands

    • Talic
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      hey, Imbasicly looking for Open Raising Chart

      with like

      1) 45-50% hand range

      2) 60-65% hand range

      most important is playability, Equilator does not count playability and negative implied odds

      edit: i know 45-65% handrange is very loose but I need it for the purpose of very tight blinds
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    • Fongie
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      Make one yourself? Put 50% into equilator then remove the hands you dont like and add the ones you do like. Easiest way :)
    • Jaissica
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      61% is all PP, Ax Kx Qx, suited jacks, connected cards, 1 gapper connected suited cards... throw in some bigger Jx (6-9) and you hit your 65%.

      50% is PP, ax kx qx, suited connectors 54+ connectors 89+