Please analyse my FL stats...

    • 13BlackCats
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      Been playing SH for a while now...

      over 32 000 hands= 0.10 BB/100! X(

      Feeling a bit confused about it all.

      Was playing successfuly on Titan 0.25/0.50, moved up and enjoyed 0.50/1.
      Then I received the 2nd starting capital on Mansion, played FR until I got (near) enough BR to switch to SH.
      Since then it's been a break-even struggle.
      At the beginning I blamed swings and then realized it must be me :)

      I really did put my game in question recently, started to read the articles again + blogs, watched more videos, reviewed my marked hands (haven't post enough on the forum though)...stopped playing more than 2 tables at the time, no background distraction...I did improve my game (playing more aggressive, more value bets, stopped bluffing and fancy play...).

      Anyway I wonder if you could spot more leaks; any suggestions and advices are welcome ;)

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    • Waiboy
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      Hey 13BC

      I know I'm probably the last person to comment with any sort of veracity, but you're stuck with me first anyway... :P

      BTW Print screen and edit in MSPaint or similar to reduce your image size too...

      VPIP @ $.50/$1 seems really high... should be circa 24%. Possibly you are limping marginal suited / connectors a little thin?

      PFR/AF look ok to me... River AF recommendation per articles is 1.8 but this looks in an okay range I'd say.

      WTS a little low... think you're looking at 35 - 38% here as a decent range so you're folding a little too often.

      Fold BB to steal is way too low. The articles recommend aiming for 55% although some of the guys here suggest lower, like 45%. Make sure you're using the BB defence charts properly - possibly this is where your VPIP is getting distorted through calling in raised pots with thin odds?

      Fold SB to steal is too low as well... should be 85%+-5% per articles. Perhaps for the same reasons as Fold BB stat?

      ATS is aiming for around 35% so not far off but possibly you can steal a little more often.

      C-bet Flop - I would expect this to be closer to 100% (say 95%?) as you should be c-betting every flop with 2 or less opponents (with I guess a couple of exceptions eg extremely passive SD bound opponents).

      Good luck fella!
    • Amirapuato
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      Well, not really much to add, but first a question: is it really all SH?

      VPIP/PFR = 27/16... I don't like, what charts are you using for preflop play?

      The AFs per street look quite nice.

      Your WTS of 34 is quite low for shorthanded, you have to look for more marginal spots to call down (even if this is probably connected to the 27 VPIP).

      Tighten up in the blinds, FoldSB to about 85 and FoldBB to about 50, because your stats look like you're playing a lot of marginal hands OOP. Do you defend by charts?

      And finally, c-bet flop should rather be around 95-100, because if not you're giving up too much hands... By the way, how do you react when your c-bet is called and you're holding overcards? Do you almost always c/f turn or do you keep firing?
    • redskwerl
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      i think the biggest leaks are low cbet% and low wtsd%, plus you could definitely steal more

      blind defence is just fine imo, maybe slighly loose for this limit, but that's actually not a huge problem if you're solid postflop
    • ciRith
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      Hi 13BlackCats,

      most is already said but I want to point it out again.

      VPIP is too high. That is probably because you overdefend your BB and SB. If you get tighter there your VPIP will be lower, your wts will be higher (as you have a stronger hand on average) and your fold to continuation bet flop will be higher too. Folding almost 50% to a continuation bet is way to high. It's almost profitable to play any two against you as you fold in 50% anyway.

      I wonder how you moved up in the limits while having a negative winrate all the time or did you move down and there you lost money too?
    • 13BlackCats
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      Thank you everybody! :)

      It makes complete sense...

      VPIP and Blinds: been limping a bit too many suited connectors too early, and called too many raises from my blinds (so tempting on fishy tables). It results in too many marginal situations I don't need. Will stick to (approx) ORC and blind defense chart. (and start to learn how to use the rest of it)

      ATS: got maybe a bit too cautious. Will try to steal more.

      C-bet flop: got to be almost automatic. Realized recently I was playing too weak and folding too easily to raises.

      WTS: should get higher cause of tightening up and folding a bit less certain marginal hands.

      FUN: should come back by increasing winrate and BR :P

      To answer Cirith: I was winning on Titan 0.5/1 SH before moving to Mansion where I only had enough BR to play 0.25/0.50 and been losing steadily since then.
      Was kind of hard to identify what was due to bad luck and what was bad play.

      Anyway I am so glad I asked for your advises; I sort of could see my stats were not optimum without being able to admit I was playing poorly= I was in denial!

      Looking forward to fixing this leaks, will let you how it's going on, in a new FL blog maybe, if I'm feeling adventurous.

      Thanks again all, see you later