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Pretty $ Signs & Poker Things.

    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235
      Okay, here's my not so half arsed approach at a blog.

      Most of the daily stuff will be added to link below, but I will once a week come to this one to post up my graphs, and weekly stats. And I'll do my monthly results also. And I'll login everyday, and reply to any comments that may of been left. I'm nice like that... ;)

      I'm taking a deep breath in a view to just exhale everything onto this blog, so here goes!

      I have moved from Titan poker after recieving my bonus there. Thanks, but that site is awful... And I am now back to Full Tilt (Highly Recommended). I get my 27% rackback there through different people unfortunatley. (Sorry PS). But anyway, this is my own BRM guide.

      I know a lot of you use the strategies listed here in the articles, and I would suggest PS knows more about the most profitable way for the masses to make money at poker. For me neither SSS or BSS seemed to work, BSS I didn't like the losses and it often left me feeling deflated. SSS it's okay, but I like to sit down for a good long grind and switching tables every 5 - 15 minutes kind of makes it awkward to multi-table. By doing it this way when you lose a buyin you are going up at 0.50 increases(at current level) and the losses get noticed less I feel.

      So my strategy is MSS -> BSS (Mid Stack Strategy turning slowly to BSS). Also some ideas are 'borrowed' from Mr Chris Jesus Ferguson and his views on BRM.

      I only enter cash games for 5% of my bankroll or less. (20 buyins for people who work it that way). I can only start at the next limit when I have enough in my BR to sit down with at least half the maximum buyin.

      i.e. Currently at 0.02/0.05 No Limit, Full Ring with a $70 bankroll. I buyin for $3.50.
      But once I reach $80, I'll buyin for $4.
      And for 0.05/0.10 (next level) Once I reach $100 I can enter for $5 as
      the table maximum is $10. And for every $10 I gain I'll add another 5
      buyins. So $110 buyin = $5.50

      I also leave any table that has 10% of my total bankroll in play. So currently for example I have $70 so I leave should I reach $7 at a table and open another one. And I rebuy once I have less than 20 big blinds left.

      For MTT's I simply use no more than 2% of my BR to enter one. And I have officially binned the SnG's. They are not for me. I did try them and I made a profit yes. But, there's no excitement. And that's what I play for the excitement and the enjoyment. Plus, a little extra coin of course ;) .

      I'm going to start the weekly reports from friday I think. Whatever day my rakeback is paid in anyway. As that way it gives me an actual weekly profit including rakeback. Some people don't include the rakeback. I do. :P

      Sorry for starting another thread for me. But the last one was a bad start and the focus was on my SnG's. I also apologise for not earning points through you anymore. However I do intend to check out Pokerstars at a later date and I really want to reach a higher level on here. So I'll get back around to you. This site has helped me immensely.

      All my daily tracking can now be found at the link at the bottom of my posts.

      My current goals.

      [x] 0.01/0.02 - Play 2,000 hands and turn a profit. Play this limit if BR drops to $40 below, until I reach $50. (2,227 hands, +$6.14)
      [ ] 0.02/0.05 - Play 10,000 hands and turn a profit. BR $50 - $150. (4,505 hands, +$18.06) ACTIVE! (See blog for details)
      [ ] 0.05/0.10 - Play 20,000 hands and turn a profit. BR $150 - $200 (132 hands, -$8.54) .. Shocking! (see blog for details)
      [ ] 0.10/0.20 - Play 50,000 hands and turn a profit. BR $200+ .Add new limit goals. (0 hands, $0)

      The reason for the hand limitations are that I play MTT's and when I cash it obviously can increase my BR a lot and I don't want to skip levels. If my profit for a certain level doubles the buyin limits I have set for the next level though I will round up to the 1,000 and move on. And if I don't meet the required buyin after playing the amount of hands required I will add 10% to the goal.

      i.e Playing 0.02/0.05 Profit for 8,673 hands = $300 I can move up at 9,000 hands. Unlikely at this level, but as the levels hopefully progress then you get the jist. :)

      Playing 0.02/0.05 Played 10,000 but BR only stands at $80 That's not enough to move up so I play another 1,000 hands at this level. Should I fail again to reach the requirements after 11,000, I'll then have to play an additional 1,100 hands.

      Anyway, I think I've explained it all. Stay tuned for the first weekly update.

      Also, I am looking quite blue, that was looong breath!!! :D

      Oh yeah, although it say BR is $70 up there somewhere, I took a few losses inbetween writing this. kinda use writing my blogs as my breaktime from poker, this is why i am running a daily also. :)


      Current Bankroll: $62.35.

      Most the details of how I came to this figure are on my daily blog, but as from here I'll do a weekly summary of everything so you don't have to visit it if you don't want to, that one is more my diary to track everything. :)

      Good luck at tables.
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    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235

      Well, I changed to SSS, and I gotta say.... Not really working out for me I stick rigidly to it, but I am going to stick at it, I love the allin action tbh...
      And as I am playing 15 tables there is usually an allin somewhere every 5 mins or so.

      That graph shows my SSS hands only....

      This one is my graph for the month so far....

      Breaking even is fine on FT but on PS I get no rakeback, but I love the table selection options on PS and I hope this is just the tailend of my downswing, and as soon as it's over I can stick to PS for SSS, and FT for my BSS and MTT's.
    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235
      I had the mother of all sessions! Still sticking to the SSS rules I just had a great night! After the 11k dry spell, the graph below shows only my SSS hands!

      This not only put me majorly up using SSS, but also brought me back to just over level for the month (in cash games) over both platforms!

      See below :D

      I'm not getting to excited yet, as you can see I achieved the same at around the 15k hands mark, but it does make me want to play again, I am looking forward to my next session now.... rather than dreading it.

      Hopefully the graph will continue skywards, but who knows. It's the game we chose, it's a love hate relationship....

      At least for the moment I'm back in love with it though!

      Forgot to add...

      Total BR: $100.57