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Time of day

    • SSSC2NV
      Joined: 29.03.2009 Posts: 136
      Hey guys, just wondering, ive noticed a trend that concerns me.

      Essentially, i play pretty much all day from 9-5 as I work from home, so I always have atleast 1 table going while I work. I find that during the day I seem to hit apprx 90% of the hands I go in on (following the SHC). Obviously this nets me HUGE gains, usually around $100 in the first 2hrs of play.

      After I've won so much, I generally back off and go down to a smaller limit, just to hone my skills and not lose the days winnings.

      Later, I usually come on to take part in the late night happy hour. During this time I cant hit a hand if my life depended on it. I find I'm probably hitting less than 10% of hands that I go in on (following the SHC).

      As you can imagine, this costs me.. any tips for this situation?
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    • wasy8
      Joined: 29.01.2009 Posts: 1,507
      I'm pretty sure the time of day has no effect on how nice the random card generator is to you. Generally variance will be higher during the late night happy hour as the Americans are out (donk level goes WAY up).

      It shouldn't matter what time of day you play at, as long as you feel alert and are playing well, then the winnings should come in eventually.
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi SSSC2NV,

      I agree with wasy8 in that time of day doesn't affect the random generator, it might affect the number of people and type (eg tight/fish etc). There is a thought process that suggests trying to play at "American coming home drunk" time of day, but it can also backfire.

      Only suggestions i have are:

      > Concentrate on either work or poker, set aside time for both. Trying to do both will be counter-productive.

      > Such variances should even out over the longer term.

      > I personally try to avoid (or at least don't specifically log on for) Happy Hours. The extra points you get don't make a great deal of difference and you get different type of player logging on during these times.

      > If you do notice a trend, even if you cannot identify why, avoid it. Similar to table selection etc, you want to play when most likely to have a +ve session.

      Only my own personal views, not necessarily right, just an opinion/thought.

      Good luck with your poker,

    • SSSC2NV
      Joined: 29.03.2009 Posts: 136
      Thanks for the replies guys!

      Sure enough, was doing well all day, up over $100 with a couple small payouts in SnG's.... Happy hour comes around, Im getting as many AA,AK,AQ,QQ,JJ that you can think of, and getting MURDERED with them. Only won 1 AK.

      I think I need to avoid late afternoon and evening, especially happy hour
    • Hackett77
      Joined: 02.02.2009 Posts: 372
      I think the US happy Hour is by far the most profitable time to play. I only play now usually between 12am and 4am GMT (around 11pm to 3am EST i think)