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    • darkishbet
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      I got starting capital from pokerstrategy to pokerstars about month ago, I still haven't collected enough points and after series of bad beats from that capital only about 20$ left, so my question is. If I would deposit my own money to pokerstars would those 20$ would be left or would be taken away, and how about that first deposit bonus, would I need to collect only 500 points or 500+points which I still need to clear my current bonus?
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello darkishbet,

      Since you still have $20 I would assume you will first collect points towards clearing those. Since the $50 first deposit bonus has a 6 month expiry time you should have no problem clearing it though - even if you still work on your other bonus first.

      If you don't manage to clear the $50 in time it will only subtract whatever is left of it - not any other money you might have deposited yourself. The time you have to clear it is 90 days by the way. So if you got your money 1 month ago you are still in good pace.

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