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    • Gunstar1337
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      Hi there!

      I am a member(as you might already noticed). I not very good at speaking, still I decided to make this blog. I hope it will help me accomplish what I have put in front of me.

      Enough smalltalk.


      I'm just a pretty bad player, I didn't spend enough time watching videos and studying articles. The result of this is that I have 11$ in my bankroll. Lets skip the replies which sound like: "Hey, Bro, I think you're a little low on cash to play what you are about to play". Done!

      Tomorrow I'm going to wake up and I'm not going to play poker. I'm going to study. I decided that the only chance of my bankroll staying alive are SnGs. The 1$ ones. 10 buy-ins. That's not much. So as I said, tomorrow will be learning day. All articles from basic to bronze, all videos, sample hands, everything. And I need your help.

      The needed help:

      1. I want my bonus to stay alive, I've raked in 130 partypoints, and that is almost half the way. If I lose my 10$ will the bonus expire?

      2. How much points will I get for a single SnG?

      3. Any other advice or encouragement would be fantastic!

      Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow!

      P.S. Don't be frightened of my nickname, I'm not a gangster! You can (and you should) call me DK for the sake of conversation. Bye!
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    • wasy8
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      Nice to see you haven't given up! Best of luck, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Everyone's pretty helpful here. :)
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello DK,

      Congratulations on starting a blog as it can be an excellent motivational tool for you.

      As for the matter of you needing help, here goes:

      1) If you unfortunately lose your remaining $10 then the bonus will only expire when the qualifying date for that particular bonus has been reached.

      2) I'll have to let an SNG player ask this as i play cash. Sorry.

      3) I applaud your willingness to learn and i would suggest at this point that maybe you do more learning than actually playing until you can really say that you understand the theory. This may just help you to grow the $10 you have remaining, rather than losing them by playing too much and not absorbing enough knowledge.

      I hope this goes someway to helping you and if you have any further questions then please feel free to ask away.

      Kind Regards,
    • purplefizz
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      Hey gunstar, they say knowing is half the battle! keep studying! i hope things will turn around for you. i started out with SNG's as well and they are really exciting but also really swingy. concentrate on the game and on your opponents most of all-- like its your last dollar (which it almost is). playing with $11 is really difficult, so don't be too disappointed if you lose it all. armed with knowledge and a little bit of luck, it is possible to build up that BR though.
    • Gunstar1337
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      Hello again,

      Just finished my thorough study of the basic part for SnG/Tournaments... Pretty easy I would say. Still I need to watch some videos then I'll head right to the bronze articles. The ICMTrainer was done by me in 10 minutes, I had to retry only one lecture. Once again I have some unanswered questions

      1) How to play in a situation when your bluff is called on the flop. After that you check, but what to do if your opponent bets? Is folding the right decision? Even if the turn was a blank smth like 5 :diamond: on a 2 t q rainbow flop?

      2) Does the strategy outline works on turbo SnG? The problem is that there are only Turbo SnGs at PartyPoker, and I am the lucky player of that room.

    • Gunstar1337
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      Not much action here... Still, I played 2 SnGs, just to test my knowledge of the basics.
      The first one... Well I have nothing to say... DON'T THINK YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THE POKERSTRATEGY.COM TEAM... I made a terrible mistake in the very beginning, playing pocket jacks with an ace on the flop... Bye bye half of my stack! Then it became a question of time.

      The second one was a bit better. Although I did another mistake, I shoved A5suited with two shoves before me... Don't know why i did that, but I won with a pair of fives :) That made one of the shovers very angry and he started calling me a donk. I know this isn't very good, but it was pure fun saying "bye bye mr pro", when he sucked out on 4th place. Then I continued playing poker and got 1st place. -2$ for buy-ins and +4$ for the win. Bankroll 13$...

      Still here! Not going to play any SnGs today, better watch more videos and read up them bronze and silver articles.
      Regards, DK
    • Gunstar1337
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      So quiet here!

      Anyway I played only 4 SnGs (1$ buyin) and got 2 1st places. My bankroll is now 15$ from the starting 11$. Thanks to pokerstrategy i think i posses a very good tactic. I hope the grow continues :)

      P.S. won the final pot with 2 :spade: 3 :spade:

    • ukwagon
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      Well done DK on your two wins, keep the updates coming :)