Betting oop against villain for flush draw on the turn

    • Dragar
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      Your raising pre-flop and get a caller. The flop does not hit but you have a flush draw and so you do your c-bet. Villain calls and the turn comes and you do not hit your flush. You assume that will will raise if he has hit a pair on the flop. You also assume that villain will bet 2/3 or higher of the pot if you check. Should you now bet roughly 1/3 into the pot (obv balancing this from time to time)? Lets put this into numbers

      The pot is 10$ on the turn. You now bet 3$ into it making 13$. Villain raises to 9$ making it 22$ and you need to call 6$. This gives you correct odds to continue the flush draw to the river.

      So in general should we use these bets to give us correct odds to continue drawing?
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