one thing that is wrong about sss

    • dixxiehaze
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      it doesnt say this in the video but it should,it says you leave the table when you have 25 bb but it also says you reload once you get under 15 bb so if you leave the table you would need to leave with 30bb at least to make the 5 bb profit,i know its prety obvious but some bigginers who are new to poker might not realise that

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    • Gunstar1337
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      Hi, Kyle...

      The fact is, you don't have to leave the table when you made a 5bb profit on it. You have to leave, when your stack is bigger or equal 25bb, because you're decisions become harder at this moment. For example, you are playing at nl10. You have bad luck and roll down to a 1.5$ stack, so at the moment you are down for .50$. You rebuy to 2$ and now there are multiple ways what happens further.

      1) You double up and have 4$ // profit = 2$ - 0.5$ = 1.5$

      2) You make your stack 25bb big that is 2.5$ // profit is 0

      3) You lose everything that is -2$ -0.5$ = -2.5$

      Now imagine you made through the second example. If you leave and rebuy for 2$ you might only lose these 2$. On the contrary if you continue playing, you might lose another 2.5$. This is the key idea of the SSS. If you are playing with the minimal stack, you're decisions are easy and you shove having a decent hand. You're not afraid to get a bad beat, you can only loose some lousy 2$.

      I hope you got the point.

      Best regards,
    • dixxiehaze
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      good point i was just looking at it on the term they used as once you make 5bb at least you leave,but risking minimal is obviously the main goal of the sss theorum is risking minimal and basicaly running when you have made your profit,this is a completly new strategy to me and cuts out many of my usual starting requirments,but leaving with the 0 profit does make sence in terms of the minimal risk that the SSS applys
    • mbml
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      i personally didn't make use of the 25 BB thing when I was still playing SSS.
      the reason behind that rule is to ensure that you get sufficient pot odds to shove the remainder of your stack (if your stack is too big, you would need even more pot odds to shove profitably). However, at low limits, I tend to use a 30 BB rule, since most of the time, my opponents are too loose anyway and I get more than enough pot odds. Really depends on your opponents to be honest