In a Bronze FL video, TerrorBlade suggested that a good way to learn and improve your game is to share the experience with another player. This would work by two players playing at the same time, on different tables, and both players would have each others' tables open. Say I would be playing 2 tables, Top Left and Top Right - and the other would be playing at Bottom Left and Bottom Right. This way, when one is not busy in one's own hand, one can watch the other player and both can comment and discuss strategy/correct play on that particular hand.

I really like this idea and so decided to put up this thread to find if anyone else would be interested?

I think that one session, (maybe two sessions later) a week for 1-2 hours would be great, whilst chatting or calling on Skype/Teamspeak or something.

I am looking for a player in the same boat as I am, though - and that is playing 0.10/0.20 and 0.25/0.50 FL FullRing, and trying to build up a BR, whilst playing according to the SHC and strategy taught by PS. I play on PokerStars and Titan Poker... but I guess this doesn't matter as it's also possible to observe tables on other sites where I don't play.

My timezone is GMT+2 and I play mostly in the evenings. You can reply here or email at ejeckt@ymail.com

I do also hope that mod's forgive me for double posting this in two forums, (Beginners and FL Strategy), but I just want this to be seen by FL players and beginners.