• ecomdan
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      Hi PS peeps!

      Dan from Ireland/Phillipines here, just passed my beginners quiz and waiting for my bonus on pacific poker. Would have taken full tilt or pstars but I already have accounts there so that ain't possible.

      Had my first experience of poker as a kid playing 5 card draw with family but never for money. Only started playing holdem about 3 years ago but only started taking it seriously about 1 year ago. Right now I play a whole lot of freerolls online and a the occasional live tournament or cash game at my local card room.

      This site seems really informative and I can't wait to make bronze level to make better use of the articles n stuff on here. Hopefully this site will help my game progress to my ultimate dream of WSOP victory!!! :D
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello ecomdan,

      Welcome to PS and congratulations on passing the test.

      I would advise you to use the waiting time till you recieve the bankroll by reading the articles and watching the videos available to you for your chosen strategy as i believe improving your knowledge and play at the start is more important than playing.

      Also i would stick to the Bankroll Management articles as well as this will help move up the levels safely and help protect your initial $50.

      Kind Regards,