Micro FL and FPPs

    • Verre
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      Hey all,

      I have had a terrible run playing SnGs on PS and decided it was time for me to take a break from them. I figured I'd head down to the casino and play some FL 1-2. I bought in with $100 and within 4 hours I was up to $421. This got me thinking.

      The next day I jumped on PS and opened 4 0.05/0.10 tables. I grinded out over 1000 hands with a 3.76BB/100 and was quite pleased. Unfortunately my friend downloaded Elephant from my PS account on my computer over a month ago without me knowing it and so when i went to use it my trial was over (I'm 54 points short of unlocking it).

      The one thing that struck me as funny was that, when i finished my session I hadn't gained ANY FPPs. This doesn't seem right mainly because everyone says FL gives the most points and strategy points. If i'm not getting any points for .05/.10 I wont be able to unlock Elephant without grinding out ~120 more 3.40 STT SnGs. I dont really want to do that.

      So my question is, is this normal? Is there any way I can get my Elephant License Trial redone? Do you only recieve points for FL from .25/.50 and up?
      I like the feel of FL because I'm a more linear and mathematical thinker. I'm good at running numbers through my head fast and I'm very proficient with pot and implied odds. I have alot of troubles with the low buyin SnGs and dont want to grind out another 120 of them. The way people play there gives me a headache. Its Bingo not poker.

      Also my poker bankroll is about 1300 but thats live, i only have 50 on the net. So if necessary i can play .25/.50 but dont really want to put my successful live poker money into bad internet play. I want to prove to myself i can be successful online as before I dump more money in.
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    • redskwerl
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      you only get FPPs when the pot is raked more than 40 cents

      so yes, getting FPPs on micro limit FL is pretty much impossible
      (the first limit where you can gain FPPs is basically 0.5/1)
    • Verre
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      Guess I'm depositing some of my Live poker roll then. What would you suggest for a BR? 500 BBs? Also is PS the best site to play FL on or should I play somewhere with rakeback? Is there another site i can make more Strategy Points with lower limits?
    • CoreySteel
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      You can read articles. Everything you wish to know about FL is there :)
      500BB BR sounds good for SH.
      And if you play SH, you will start getting points at 0.25/0.50 FL SH. About 1.5 FPP per 100 hands.

      And PokerStars is THE best site for FL.

      edit: Whit that rackeback question I realised, you are the same player as in FL subforum :P