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[NL20-NL50] NL20 SH TPTK fold?

    • Katavich
      Joined: 16.07.2008 Posts: 176
      First of all sorry because I cant find how to convert hand from Cake Poker. I cant't do it with

      There are no stats but we have some history, he is really good player, TAG.
      Hand #1830011504001155: Calgary (6-Max) 11504
      Seat 1: Katavich (21,75 in chips)
      Seat 5: !ang*** (4,55 in chips)
      Seat 6: mike*** (20,85 in chips)
      Seat 8: HV l*** (32,35 in chips)
      Seat 9: scho*** (9,85 in chips)
      Seat 10: Bad*** (39,95 in chips)
      mike***: posts small blind $0,10
      HV l***: posts big blind $0,20
      Dealt to Katavich [ Js Ah ]
      scho***: folds
      Bad***: folds
      Katavich: raises to $0,70
      !ang***: folds
      mike***: folds
      HV l***: calls
      @@@ F_L_O_P @@@ [ Jh 8c 9s ]
      HV l***: checks
      Katavich: bets $1
      HV l***: raises to $2,60
      Katavich: raises to $5,80
      HV l***: is all in 29.0500
      Katavich: folds
      Katavich: mucks
      HV l***: returns uncalled bet $25,85
      *** SHOW DOWN ***
      HV l***: mucks
      HV l*** wins $12,45

      assuming that he is not completely bluffing, I can't put him on worser hand then mine (instade of OESD). easy fold to all in?
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    • darkonebg
      Joined: 17.01.2008 Posts: 9,508
      First of all, you shouldnt min3bet this flop.That pretty much doesnt produce any fold equity, since he is shoving it with his most likely holdings anyway- JT, some two pairs and some sets, and you have to fold the best hand some of the time.Equity wise, you are flipping on the flop against JT,9T, so If you like high variance, it would be good to 3bet big/call or shove yourself.
      My preferred line is to call flop and reevaluate turn.

      Best regards,

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