At fast poker on some site im playing regularly against some regs more frequently because of smaller player pool.
So id like to have some advanced strategy when im playing with them in "occasional" pots, lol

Without giving away any names and the poker platform I would like to post the info I already have on them to develope the strategy against them. I will share my thoughts and I would like to get your comments/reactions/thoughts.

So lets begin, my first suspect for 1.5 K hands
fold to 3bet = 56
3bet steal =10
[P] 3Bet Blind vs steals w/{AA,AKo,AJo,A8o-A9o,J2o} (7)
[P] 3Bet range {AA,JJ-QQ,88,44,AKs,QTs,AJo+,A8o-A9o,J2o} (15)
[P] 4Bet+ range {AA,JJ,AJs,A7s,AKo,KQo} (6)
[P] Called 2Bet from blinds range {TT,77-88,44-55,A7s-A8s,A3s,KQs,K9s-KTs,K5s,QTs+,Q5s,J8s,T7s,97s+,ATo,A6o-A7o,KTo-KJo,K5o,QTo+,T9o} (33)
[P] Called 3Bets in position {77,ATs,KQo,87o} (4)
[P] Called 3Bets out of position with {99,AQs,A6s,AJo-AQo} (5)
[P] Called any 4Bets {AA,88,44,AKs,AKo} (5)
[P] Limp and called a raise {J9s,98s} (2)
[F] Donks flop with top pair or better (1)
[F] Raised Flop Cbet w/Overpair or less & no draw (1)
[T] Called two 1/2 Pot or greater barrels w/draw (2)
[T] Played turn draw aggressively (4)

He opens too much, so I think I have to 3 bet him a lot. Because he doenst fold to 3 bet a lot i have to barrel postflop definitely more than 1 time, off course depending on board. And I have to 3bet higher than standard sizing.
When he is in the blinds i have to open bigger, because he calls way to much from blinds.
He calls 4bets with small to midden pairs, so i have to punish him for that as well, probably by 4 betting higer and when he calls pre playing tricky postflop to give him a rope.