Has anyone else

    • mchaggis
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      lost his confidence after reading the article about professional attitude?

      It's kinda "when you win you're probably just lucky, when you lose you probably just played badly" :)

      Well, it's not that bad, but watchin PRO7 sure is :rolleyes:
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    • MrDownswing
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      Actualy the text was very motivating for me.

      And it also makes a lota sense for me. From all beginners articles i like this one the most.

      Don't know what the problem is.
    • mbrav
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      Chapter one of this article is great. it is also useful in other aspects of someones life. Especially the conclusions are so damn true.
      Cahpter2 just tells you that you have to work a bit to become a good poker player.
      I like the article because it doesn't tell yous omethin like just keep playing and one day you will be a top poker player.