I got a problem

    • MrPavlos
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      So listen to this,i believe i am a kinda average player,have read about 20 books bout poker,playing about 6 months,live poker all good and profitable,online cashed-out twice once 100$ and once 350$.
      Now i have a BR 180$ and i am playing many thing,NLSH5,some tournaments,some sitNgoes.I read one thing that when i play i dont have to think i will be sucked-out on river or something.Actually i think like that almost always,playing the micro-limits for 6 months made me almost sure that once every 5 good hands will be lost,i never play scared or something and when i have a reasonable hand i aint got any problem to put the money in but do i have to stop thinkin about it?
      Also an other question is,i am really getting angry when i am in an MTT middle or late phase with a good stack and i am sucked-out by something unreal,when that happens i ussually take a brake of 1-2 or even 4-6 hours before i even think bout playing again,but i got to stop it somehow.
      If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated :D
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    • Berzerger
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      Oh, it's normal to get mad after busting out of an MTT with the best hand. Just don't let it get to your head. After all, a double-up wouldn't guarantee you any money, you could've busted at any later stage of the tourney without making it ITM. Those things happen, not because you're unlucky, but because they have to, as long as your opponent has equity you're bound to lose every x% of times. You can take comfort in knowing that you made the best play with the best hand, and that your opponent probably won't make it in the money either. It's best to take a break if you're not feeling good about a loss, that's all you can really do as long as you're not feeling right. Emotions are not something you shut off with a switch, you can learn it with time but you can't force it. We're all just people, after all.