Something I've been doing on Cake $11 and $22 SnG's, and oftentimes it's been working very nicely. When you get dealt AA or KK in the big blind, hit the "sit out" button for a while, but be sure to uncheck it the second someone raises/limps or the action has almost gotten to you. Very often you'll see players trying to steal your blind for what they think will be free chips, up to a point where they start raising each other for the right to steal your BB. Especially handy in push/fold phase where you play for stacks. Worst case scenario is someone raises and everyone quickly auto-folds, but shouldn't be a problem if you're quick. When you 3bet them, they usually think you're re-stealing as they raised you in sit-out, so they push you if they weren't all-in yet. It went like that 3 times today for me, stacked them all and had a few good cuckles :D