moneybookers currency

    • marcelhermus
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      hi i was wondering if anybody has changed their currency at moneybookers.

      i have it set at $ but i`m now playing on a lot of sites with euros.

      and i realy like to change the currency.
      i know moneybookers currency can`t be changed, but maybe someone knows how to deal with this kind of issue
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    • Fongie
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      If I were you I'd ask moneybookers' support about it :)
    • Ejeckt
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      I had a problem where I created my moneybookers account in the wrong currency. To add to the problem, I had already verified my cc with them.

      They couldn't change the currency for me, what they could do was close my account, release my cc details and let me create a new account in another currency. For this I had to use another email address and mobile number when registering.

      For me, it took them 8 days to release my credit card details so I could use them in my new account.