I am using PT3 and lost my database during last update (don't ask)
problem is: I had requested my hands history from bwin and they sent it to me in a 2 part archive but it's in a text file format. when I manually imported the files in poker tracker, 80 % of them had errors and I basically didn't get any extra infos about my game or the other players apart from the most recent sessions I already had in the new PT database.

main error is 'trying to access a negative index (#hand number)
and I also get 'invalid player encountered' for most of the remaining hands

any way of dealing with this, perhaps converting the 2 hand history files or some other solutions for this are well appreciated
and I know elephant hud doesn't work with bwin, but I wonder if uploading those text files in elephant for evaluating my game and my personal stats would work as a solution