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Marc's attempt to start a poker career (6max cash)

    • marcvz
      Joined: 03.04.2012 Posts: 35
      Hi all,

      I've been hanging around here for a long time and it's about time I introduce myself.
      Sometimes I wanna react to a hand posting, but it doesn't feel right because I didn't introduce myself properly first. So here we go.

      I'm Marc from the Netherlands. I had a very promising career in software development but got ill a couple years back.
      Lost my career, lost myself, got depressed..
      I am unable to live a normal life at the moment and chances are this will never change.
      In Oktober last year I decided to start playing poker again (played some way back around 2004, slightly winning back then)

      So, what happened since then? I dug up my old Pokerstars account. Transfered 50 bucks (money is a scarce resource since I got sick) and started playing 6max and some random 1,- MTT's.
      Won a MTT for around 200 bucks so had a healthy bankroll for NL2.

      I was still playing breakeven or slightly losing tho. And some days, losing big because of tilt, bad mood etc.
      I did the worst thing.. I moved up... And, no surprise, lost most of my bankroll but I moved back down again to NL2 when I got 100 bucks left.

      At this point, I concluded that this is not going to work and I won't be able to make my life more comfortable with poker if I keep going like this.
      So I took a break and started to study. Used a lot of material on this site and started playing again a couple weeks back.
      I invested in The Upswing Lab and PokerTracker4. Started labeling all the players (playing regular tables btw), making notes, table selecting and playing on less tables (6 instead of 10)

      Now, finally it feels like the work pays off and I have a graph to show I am quiet proud of.

      I hope I can keep this line going and I will do everything I can to get better at poker this year.
      As with all things in life, I believe you can be winning everything if you put in more dedication than the competition. And time is something I have a lot of. :)

      I made myself a conservative BRM plan I'm gonna stick to:

      I have 50 more bucks to go before I can take another shot at NL5.

      I'm don't know what I'll do with this blog yet. I will post some updates. But I don't know the frequency for now.
      But the main thing is, I want to introduce myself so I can make some new contacts and feel free to post something around here when I feel like it.
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    • timkuy
      Joined: 29.01.2009 Posts: 32
      Good to hear from you Marc and Good luck with your goals. Good bankroll Management! Is that a 38bb winrate??! That's enormous right, I think around 6-10bb is at top end of what is sustainable depending on limits right?

      What is the red line in the tracker again? was a long time ago I used such software...

      Good luck on the tables,

    • marcvz
      Joined: 03.04.2012 Posts: 35
      Ya, that winrate is enormous and I expect it to go down a lot over time.
      But still, almost 8k hands.. It's not a big sample, but big enough to boost my confidence :)
      That being said, I believe that 10-20BB on NL2 is quiet possible to maintain.
      I play regular tables on Stars and their are fish spewing their stacks with Q4o everywhere..

      The red line are the non-showdown winnings (losses in this case ^^)
      Blue the showdown winnings and green the result of the two.
    • timkuy
      Joined: 29.01.2009 Posts: 32
      Ah, thanks for elaborating on the PT4 graph lines.

      It's good you gained confidence, maintaining 20bb even on NL2 I think is really good though...

      Anyhow, good luck! See you in the forums
    • GaspodeWD
      Joined: 17.02.2019 Posts: 41
      Nice blog Marcvz and best of luck.

      I am also in NL2, but doing zoom, and your graph and BRM are putting me to shame. :D :f_thumbsup:

      How are you finding Upswing? (not sure if can discuss on this forum :f_eek: ). I had a look but kind of feel i need to get better before i would invest the money to get help getting better (wobbly logic but hay).

      Again best of luck, but looks like you have the skill/discipline to keep going even without it. :f_drink: :f_cool:
    • marcvz
      Joined: 03.04.2012 Posts: 35
      I have tried some zoom. But I like the aspect of exploiting players. And their tendencies and using those against them is a lot easier on the regular tables.
      Also, a lot of my money spots come from tilting players..
      You see them getting sucked out with AA and they immediately go allin the next hand.. That's a good spot to call with some ace-x and middle-high pockets.

      I've watched a lot of vids on this site and they are very good.
      But I was looking for some more structure and Upswing provides this.
      It's quiet an investment if you play nl2. But its easier to learn the right things than changing bad habits later on.

      I believe you can find all the knowledge for free as well. And this site is a very great resource.
      Upswing just provides it in nice, ordered chunks.

      Thanks for your replies and good luck at the tables guys!
    • Roachor
      Joined: 03.01.2010 Posts: 368
      Hi Marcvz, nice blog!
      Also from the Netherlands and also playing 6max Nl2 atm, you sound like you know what you are talking about and your graph shows it :- ). Goodluck on the tables! Hope i wont see you there ;) haha.