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Totally controlling our emotions - recommended or not?

    • DiamondCat
      Joined: 11.01.2019 Posts: 4
      Just saw this video of poker professionals blowing out their steam when they lose:

      Is this recommended, just letting it all out? Or should we keep our feeling in check and never react to bad beats and dumb opponents?
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    • Kyyberi
      Joined: 09.07.2010 Posts: 11,813
      It's complicated.

      Humans work in a way where strong emotions shut down rational thinking. Stronger the emotion, more it affects the rational thinking. But as with everything, it's individual how strong the affect is.

      On the other hand, you can't control your emotions. When you are really sad, you can't just decide "I am not sad anymore". You can depress the emotion but it's not lost. And if you depress your strong emotions too much, it becomes harmful.

      For some, letting the steam out works better than trying to act like it didn't happen. For some, letting the steam out just makes the affect to rational thinking even stronger.

      But if you want to maximize your game level, you shouldn't have strong emotions. If you have them, then you might want to learn to fix the core reason of them.