calling the flop with overcards

    • ovechkin91
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      I am new to FL so sorry if this is an obvious answer
      Hero is BTN, Villian is SB
      Hero has AKo
      Pf-it is capped (2BB) BB-big bet
      SB bets Hero ?
      Is it neccessary to call the flop here with 2 overcards? Villians bet is 0.5 a BB so I am getting 8:1 pot odds.
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    • SPeedFANat1c
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      when I played according to basic articles I called overcards with 10:1 odds. If you play according to bronze articles - then:

      "Heads up: You raised and you are in position: With playable hands such as overcards or hands with a similar number of outs, we can call once on the flop and fold the turn if we do not improve. "