Comparison between FLHE HU SnG & NLHE SnG

    • WPTRay
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      Hello everybody,

      HU SnG's look quite interesting to me.
      I just want to start on the Micro limits when I have enough information about the game.

      Only problem is the lack of enough information about FLHE HU SnG.

      When googling NLHE HU SnG there can be found some information of how to play these SnG's but for FLHE there is very very little information available.

      I think NLHE is another game or are the strategies a bit the same with FLHE?

      Maybe there are some people on this forum playing this gametype and could help me with or towards information (articles etc)?

      Many thanks.
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    • redskwerl
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      NL and FL heads up are extremely different games

      in FL HU you see many showdowns, so you can adjust to your opponents quickly because you gain some new valueabl information in every hand, basically
      in NL HU this isn't the case at all i think, you have to play more vs a particular opponent to learn to exploit their mistakes efficiently

      that said, i haven't played that much NL HU, only like a thousand hands :)

      now, about FL HU SNGs: i think it's definitely a good idea to start here rather than playing HU cash if you're going to play micro-limits, because the rake you pay is going to be much lower in SNGs
      (the first limit where it's worth playing FL HU cash is 3/6 or 5/10 on most sites, depending on the site's rake structure)
    • WPTRay
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      Thanks for the reaction.
      I will definitely start with the SnG and I think I will stay there, so no cash in the near fiture.

      I think the opponents on the micro limits are very bad and because HU is more skill than a luck game, it should be possible to get a possitive ROI.

      But, the information is the problem, standard lines in FLHE HU, what to do pre-flop, what to do on the flop etc...

      Always negative pot-odds etc..

      Or should it be learned by playing only?