[NL2-NL10] Nl50 Aq

    • Alicja1950
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      Hi, just had a bad beat and im wondering if I played it wrong, or how I should play it.

      Hand #1552930088 begins at 2009/04/13
      Dealing down cards
      Dealt to Alicja1950 [Ah Qc]
      iLoveYouSooMuch posts the small blind of $0.25
      mexmexo posts the big blind of $0.50
      xxrs calls $0.50.
      Alicja1950 raises to $2.
      TiaAlLankara folds.
      iLoveYouSooMuch folds.
      mexmexo folds.
      xxrs calls $1.50.
      Dealing Flop [8h Jc Ac]
      xxrs checks.
      Alicja1950 bets $3.
      xxrs calls $3.
      Dealing Turn [Tc]
      xxrs checks.
      Alicja1950 bets $10.75.
      xxrs raises to $48.19, and is all-in.
      Alicja1950 calls $8.32, and is all-in.
      Dealing River [4d]
      xxrs shows [Qs 9h]
      xxrs has Straight, Queen High
      xxrs wins $46.45

      pls give some advice.
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    • Aimboy
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      Your stack was too big, you had over 40BB so you can't play this hand using sss properly. Preflop: you should bet 5bb ( there is one limper before you ), can't say anything about postflop though, because your stack is to high for sss.
    • Gerv
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      Please convert the hand next time!

      Normal raise is 4bb+ 1bb per limper and I see one limper so you should raise to $2.5 preflop

      Postflop is okay but I bet like 2/3, if that's >50% of your stack, then shoving is justified

      converting your hand is better to judge it more efficient!

      - Gerv