sss nl-10-25-50

    • yopyfld
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      Hello to all,I just started on pokerstars playing sss after my friend show me all how to play and now i play just for 3 days and i make more than 300$ using regular brm 30bi and make that just upswings or what?its seems so soft on pokerstars:) ...i play 9-12table all time...4100hands for now

      Any help(advice) BEFORE DOWNSWING:)
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    • mikelstwe
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      Just keep on reviewing hands to see if you played them correctly and don't get too upset if you encounter a downswing since this is inevitable.

      Poker stars imo is a lot softer than most sites and therefore it isn't unusual to make good money there. However just be prepared for a bad run or two as donks also get their days...

      btw congratz on your fast progress - I wouldn't mind it if you start a blog though
    • kingdippy2008
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      yeah nice progress, probs 40% upswing and 60% fishiness of the stars games. Its the best site to play SSS on lowerstakes :)

      Good Luck and keep it up