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Manilla starting hands

    • Jaissica
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,385
      Just a discussion topic for anyone curious enough to spend some time thinking about it.

      I play a home game with some work mates every month or so. Baby limits (20c blind, 40c max bet per round with a 3 cap, 80c max bet on the 5th community card with no cap).

      The game is 3 card Manilla, a card game mostly only played in Australia to my knowlege. It is somewhat like a twisted version of limit Omaha. The deck is cut to 7s up. A can only be the high end of a straight.

      You are dealt 3 hole cards, and one community card is turned face up. There is then a round of betting, before another community card is turned. This continues until 4 community cards are face up.

      At this point you must muck one of your hole cards.

      After all players have mucked one hole card and the betting round is complete, the final community card is turned face up. The winner is the best hand made up of both remaining hole cards and 3 community cards. This tends to be boats, straights or flushes due to the split deck, though trips and 2p take down the odd pot.

      My question is - what would one consider a reasonable starting hand range, if one were taking this game seriously (it is available at Crown Casino, Melbourne)?

      A couple of other quirks - flush beats a boat, highest cards in the hand splits straights (AK in the hand on AQJT board beats KQ in the hand).

      I was thinking something like -

      AAK, KKA, QQK(QKs) - raise to cap

      Any 3 parts of the A-high wheel, including the A - raise

      Any 3 parts of the A-high wheel - call (raise where two are suited and match the com card suit, or the com card is a missing part of your A-high wheel)

      Any 3 parts to a wheel, 9 low or better, where the board complements (suited, str) - call

      Any PP that has hit the com card - raise to cap

      Any other hand - call if com card complements (hit, suited)

      Any trips - instant muck

      Anyone have any thoughts on this bizzare poker game?
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