what are the highest playable limits with each level (basic, bronze, silver, ...) ?

    • SPeedFANat1c
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      How do you think? I would like to hear about mansion and also about pokerstars and other platforms.

      Now I am trying to beat 0.1/0.2 limit on mansion but I haven't learnt all the bronze strategy yet. But I think it is beatable with basic and partly bronze because there are more tables (with many bad players) than on 0.05/0.1 :)

      Say separately for FR and SH.
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    • gape0000
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      Well im not sure how much the game changed but i know that when i started playing i was beating micro limits up to 0.5/1$ FR tables with just a basic starting hand chart and an average(at most) postflop play.

      I then decided to try 0.5/1$ SH tables and looking back now i was playing too tight but still making progress.
      Then i was refered here and basicly i think when u get the silver ORC u can pretty much beat micro limits and around 1/2$ and up u should consider using the golden APROX chart for an even bigger preflop edge.

      Also try watching alot of videos and posting hands that way you should improve pretty fast.
      The thing u should consider when moving up a limit is if u have sufficient bankroll and also consider ur comfort level when going up. If u dont feel like moving than u are probably not ready and its better to get a solid game first.