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      Hi everyone !!
      I have been on Poker Strategy for a few months now and I want to invest some more time on the site, other than reading articles and watching videos :D !!
      So here it goes:

      Im Jonathan, 20 years old, from Montreal,Qc, Canada.
      I love skateboarding and partying (who doesnt) and of course Poker.
      Going to college this fall I hope its gonna be fun hehe !

      I first started playing in the beginning of 2008 , deposited 25$ on PKR.
      I can't remember how long my bankroll lasted but i know it didn't even hold 2 weeks!!

      Then after reading Phil hellmuth's Play poker like the pros book I believed I was going to be better :) (HAHA). So i deposited 50$ in Party Poker ! As you can guess, it didint hold a month (once more). Then i realised that I needed practice and studying a lot to even beat low limits :(

      Then one day I was on Full tilt looking at the High stakes games, I think it was Patrick Antonius vs Durrr or something like that... and there is this one observer who keeps flooding the chat with : Free Poker lessons + 50$ starting capital at .

      So I tried that link and became a member of PS :D .
      Got my 50$ capital on Full Tilt , played for 2 months then busted AGAIN :(

      That's when i understood why BRM is important !
      Yep it took me 3 bankroll to understand this !!!

      So I started playing play chips on full tilt and facebook, got 500K BR on each in about a week .... So started thinking about depositing again !!

      On march 17th I received an e-mail telling me I can receive a second starting capital, But this time on TiTan, why not give it a try !! so here i am :D


      Short term goals:
      1.Learn more and more about poker :)
      2.Re-read articles from Bronze to silver
      3.Maintain my silver status on PS
      4.Having a ROI over 10%

      Longterm goals:
      1.Going up the stakes (which means having a nice and bigger bankroll :) )
      2.Becoming Gold or more on PS

      Im Still thinking about Some other goals i would like to achieve to make the playing more fun :D

      Thanks To Those who read it :)
      Ill post my first Graph in the next Post :D
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    • bobdefete
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      There Goes my first Graph !!!!

    • miskokvo
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      wow lots of new sng players :)

      i wish you gl :)

      btw tell us what type of sng do you many tables etc..and feel free fro ask questions
    • bobdefete
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      Ok. I am currently playing 1.20$ sngs On TiTan .

      Today i tried the 2.40$ dirty dozen "jackpot sit n go", You have to win 4 in a row to win 2000$. Won 2 in a row :) but lost in the 3rd one :( still won 16.8$ .

      I also play some heads up I'm breakeven in those so I guess its not too bad for now !

      I tried SSS but I dont really like it and I'm 13$ down so ill wait until i have a bigger bankroll before I start playing some more cash tables.

      I'm also thinking about playing 2 tables at once now, maybe I'll get money little faster :D
    • bobdefete
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      Bad morning

      I just played almost everything wrong, try to steal to much , played marginal hands and lost 5.2$, Its not THAT bad considering how bad Ive been playing.

      It felt like a lack of concentration... and a bit of tilt. I'll keep playing one table at the time until I quit playing bad after winning or losing a big pot.
      I just feel like I can't control myselft after winning a big hand, especially that i often get a good hand after winning a big pot... don't know why but i just try to win everybodys chips and end up losing :(

      So 1 table at the time , full concentration and sticking to the strategy is definetly the way to go for now !

      The weather is awesome so it's time to go out and get some fresh air and of course getting tan for the summer ! Can't wait to go to the beach :D !!!

      Lets see how it will go later.
    • bobdefete
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      Its been 1 month since I received my 50$ capital on Titan, and things are still going well for me :) .

      This morning I received 10$ from PS (thanks for that :D ). It's a rakeback from the 35$ rake ive generated since im playing there, the e-mail said i still have up to 100$ , so this means I still can get 90$ from rakeback, which is good with me :)

      Heres the graph of my 1st month of progress:

      So now my bankroll is 92.98

      Im happy to see it grows and hope it keeps going that way !
    • bobdefete
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      6 days since my last post, no real good sessions in those days, lost few $$ but not to much.

      2 of those days I couldn't play because my router decided it didnt wanted me to have internet i guess, had to find the CD to restart it and everything.....

      So Now it works back to normal, I have played a little session today ;

      5 sit and goes;

      4 x 2.4$ sng, 2x 1st place , 1x 3rd place
      1 x 1.2$ sng, 3rd place
      15.20$ profit today so far :D

      For the last days I've been practicing ICM a lot and now get 90% mark !
      I feel much more confident now when I get to the push or fold which is good , I'm a bit looser than I was before and I get good results so far so I guess my ROI will rise a bit.

      Here's the graph of my progress so far ( I have to fix it because PT3 dont enter heads ups results) but thats how it look now :

      I should start posting some hands soon, in hope of improving my game, and getting this blog nicer to look at !

      Bankroll : 94.56$
    • bobdefete
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      MY BANKROLL HAS HIT 100$ TODAY !!CAD $ NOT US :( not yet :P

      This is my second starting capital and i'm happy of my progress so far ! I finally doubled it :P Let's keep up that way and double it once more now !!

      Started the day by loosing with KK :(

      Idd like to post the hand but i can't find any converter for Ipoker hands.

      So this is how it went;

      theres one raise to 180, then an other guy raises to 300.
      I push all-in ( 1,440 chips) , the 2 others call.

      the first raiser shows J :heart: J :spade: , The second shows A :diamond: A :club: , I show K :diamond: K :spade:

      flop : Q :spade: 10 :diamond: 6 :heart: 4 :club: 5 :club:

      So i got kicked out of the tourney :(

      I don't think my game was really good today but I'm up by a few $$.

      My PT3 stats are all F**cked up nothing seems good in it, and all my Heads-up stats are bad in it so i cant really use it for graph now.

      Theres the graph from sharkscope since the one I got in PT is not good ;

      BankRoll : 101.85$
    • bobdefete
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      Almost 2 weeks since my last post....Nothing new... Just doesn't seem to get much better yet, I'm still stuck at the 1.20$ buy-ins.
      There's my sharkscope graph :

      Not Great but I'm not in the red ! Now it's time to improve my game . :s_biggrin:
      It looks like im going up some stairs, i want my graph to be a straight line !! :f_cry:
      I got some ugly downswings, maybe a bit of tilt sometimes, lets focus on playing better and re-read the articles!

      Bankroll : 100.95$
    • LuborC
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      You have to take into account the fact that there is doulbe rake at the 1$ SNGs compared to the higher buyins. I think you are doing really well and you will get to the 2$s and beyond. It's just a matter of time.
    • bobdefete
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      Sweet that's nice to hear from you :)

      In fact i'm better in the 2.4$ sngs than the 1.2$ ones.

      1.20$ : 171 played, 3.15$ won, 1.56 ROI

      2.40$ : 81 played, 36.40$ won, 18.96 ROI

      Hopefully I will reach 120$ soon and start playing 2.40$ again :)
    • bobdefete
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      !! BoNuS YaY !!
      I just received an other 10$ bonus from PS :)
      Bonus : 20$ / 100$

      Damn something is wrong today, :( I try my best but can't win much , i get called or raise every pot I come in it suuuucks.

      I played 8 sngs this morning, 3 ITM , 3 x 3rd place daaaaamn.

      Variances a bitch i guess, Lost AK 3 times today, out of 3 times :s_cry:

      The only one i can remember cause it pissed me pretty well was losing AK vs 89.
      I raised preflop , 2 callers, the flop come something like 7JK, really not scarry I said to myself , so I raise and get 1 caller. Then the turn comes, its a 8 , fine ill bet again! he calls once more, now im fucked ! the river a 9, i just check it down and he raise for 1/5 the pot so i call. he shows me 89 . I was so pissed he raised and called a raised with nothing to catch 2 runners on the turn and river damnn.
      Still manage to calm down so I dont start to tilt :)
      Few hands later , AK once again , Push or fold so I push , get called by QQ and lose :(

      I think Titan doesn't like me getting 10$ bonus from PS, SO... I lost it all today :( Bad day, bad beats, bad plays, bad calls, :f_mad:

      Bankroll : 103.64 $ CAD
    • bobdefete
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      ! MONEY !
      Yay finally a first place after 2 days without any real cash , I'm not back to 100 yet but it's good for my brain to win a 1st place :)

      I felt like I was becoming a fish winning nothing , even if I dont play shitty hands lol! But I still have to improve my game much more my ROI is dropping due to those ugly swings.

      It's not a great day so far, It's raining outside can't even go on my trampoline or my skateboard spend some energy and have my brain refreshed for poker :(

      Let's win some tourneys now !

      ** why is there so many aces hitting the flop when im holding a pocket pair in push or fold **

      Bankroll : 95.72 $ CAD
    • bobdefete
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      KK beaten by 66 on the river ... Seems like this downswing will never im so F***ING pissed now X( X( X( X( X( X(

      I lost half of 2 months of work in 3 days , It's unbelievable how it hurts my mental right now....

      I also manage to lose cause of a reeeeeaally bad play I did on the bubble and 2 opponnent were sit out Im so stupid sometimes...

      Maybe I need a little brake..

      ...Maybe I just need to win :)

      Its just crazy how donks keep being lucky in push or fold damnit.. this stupid fish folds every hand in push or fold, every fucking time he was about to blind out he managed to win the hand, of course i cant get anything , then KJs so i push my 3 or 4 bbs left, get called by k7o and LOSE AGAIN AHHH.

      I think i need to calm down a bit..... time to smoke.
      Bankroll : 89.97$ CAD
    • bobdefete
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      It hasn't been great for a week, I almost lost all of the profit I made :(

      I'm not looking back and I'm now ready to get back up there :D :s_evil:

      Played 4sngs this morning, 3 ITM ; 1x1st, 1x2nd, 1x3rd . Not that great but it's a profit :)

      I recorded the session now Idd like to get it reviewed by a good sng player, to find some (maybe a lot ) leaks ! Only problem, filesize is roughly 4GB so ive got to compact that and put some comments before.

      Bankroll : 82.19S CAD
      im going doooown :(