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FLHU SnG beginner questions

    • WPTRay
      Joined: 05.06.2008 Posts: 2,863
      Hello everybody,

      I have studied for a while FLHE FR, but HU looks more interesting to me.

      I have a BR on Stars and I'm very interested in FLHU sng's, so I will begin with the $2,- SnG's.

      The only thing is the lack of information on the internet about FLHU SnG's.
      For No limit is a lot of info but for Limit there is almost Nothing

      So, I just like to know the basic principles and standard lines for this game.
      It's for the low limits and I think players are very weak over there.

      Pre-flop: Openraise 70-80%?
      Pre-flop: Callrange?
      Pre-flop: Limping, not done?
      Postflop: tips are welcome
      Turn/River: Tips are welcome
      Blind increasing: What kind of things do you change HU in Limit when the blinds increases?

      Pokertracking software: Handy for HU? And which statistics are the most important to display?

      Maybe there are some players on this forum playing the same game on the micro limits so we can share information?

      Many thanks for reading and I hope someone has a few links with info or to articles to help me as a beginner out.
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    • SalamiandCheese
      Joined: 16.07.2008 Posts: 569
      Played a few of these at Stars, maybe 8 or 10, won the majority of them. :D How you play exactly is very opponent dependent. Besides aggression and understanding your equity according to your opponent and the flop, practice is most important. Stars is the only place I know of where there are FL HU play money tables. Play tables are useful in FL HU I think because a lot of hands go to showdown and there is only one bad player to think about.

      When the blinds increase it gets tough. A bit of bad luck and you're completely screwed. I had one of these sng's go for about 50mins!

      If I head back there to play a few I'll let you know. ;)

      Edit: And another thing. I didn't see getting much of a winrate from playing these. Very read dependent so I didn't try to multitable.
    • WPTRay
      Joined: 05.06.2008 Posts: 2,863
      Thanks for the fast answer.
      Last time I searched for Play money FLHU sng but I couldn't find those..

      Winrate is not important for me, it's just for pleasure and it will give me a nice feeling when I can get a positive ROI playing these SnG's :)

      I know the way you play is opponent dependent but I thought, on the micro limits are the players so weak that you can use some sort of standard lines?

      Other experiences and tips are very welcome.